SEO Companies – No B.S, Let’s Talk Now for Free…

Not all SEO Companies are created equally.

SEO has become the digital snake oil of the 21st century.

Are you looking for an SEO company that can fine tune your webpages and get you top rankings on Google and other search engines?

One word: Beware!

You’ll meet salesmen that will promise you the world: First page on Google in a week, unlimited links and other wild, unverifiable claims.

The minute they’ve signed you up for a long-term, expensive contract, they’re gone, onto their next sale. If you have any problems, they’re nowhere to be found.

And that guarantee? Well, I hope you ran it by your attorney.

You’ll find these SEO companies world-wide: from Dallas to Delhi, Moscow to Manhattan and London to Los Angeles.

So How Can You Compare SEO Companies?

Before I jump into details, let me introduce myself.

I am Aaron Franklin, owner of I am an independent consultant in Los Angeles. I am the owner and I work in my business every day.

If you call my phone number 323.377.0979 you’ll reach me.


I don’t sell snake oil – I sell performance.

I have hundreds of 1st page Google results for extremely competitive terms.

I have an equally long list of very happy and successful clients who will tell you exactly what I did for them.

And I can do the same for you.

But back to the comparison of SEO companies.

I compete against big SEO companies every day. I tell prospects the best way to make a decision is to put the following questions to each and every one of them.

Their answers to these tough questions should make your decision crystal clear.

  • Would you work with a local competitor of mine while working for me?
  • Can you show me the results from a client similar to me and show me how you were able to increase traffic and conversions over time?
  • What type of link building do you do? Do you do it manually, or do you use software? Which software?
  • Will you send me link building reports each month? This is SUPER IMPORTANT. If they use mainly “black hat” techniques, you could incur the wrath of Google and suffer repercussions that will cost you thousands of dollars and take years to recover. I use mainly white hat with some gray hat stuff because it’s what works best without too much risk or expense to the client. I adjust this constantly based on what Google is doing.
  • Can I get referrals for clients similar to me but in different territories?
  • Who will be my point of contact and can I see their resume?
  • Can I sign up for a month to month contract to minimize my risk in case you don’t deliver? If not, why not?

I am happy to answer these questions – and any others you have.

I want you to be totally comfortable with me before we start working together.

How Am I Different from Other SEO Companies?

  • I’m not a sales guy. I do the SEO work myself and I personally manage your account
  • I will work with you exclusively. You will own your territory. I will NEVER work with a competitor
  • I’m available to talk with you directly anytime
  • I have a Computer Science degree and a Masters in Internet Marketing from the University of San Francisco PLUS 2 Google Certifications
  • I have hundreds of 1st page Google rankings with extremely competitive terms
  • You’ll get a customized solution – no cookie cutter templates like many SEO companies do
  • No long term contracts. We can work on a month to month basis. If I’m not getting you results, you should fire me
  • SEO is my passion. I also teach SEO locally in Los Angeles
  • Service plus: emails get returned generally within an hour, guaranteed within 12 hours
  • Free reporting and analytics, delivered monthly and explained to you in plain English

Call me at 323.377.0979 now. If you’re serious about making money with your website, I can show you exactly how.

No snake oil, just results.

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