SEO Services, What Kind Do you Really Need?

While most people, even the Web savvy ones, still don’t even get basic SEO, search engine optimisation has evolved drastically over the the last couple of years. SEO is now much more about visibility in popular places than anything else these days.

First page ranking on Google results is just one of a plethora of options to get people to see your website and buy your products or services.

Every business is unique to some extent and there’s no one size fits all strategy any more. You need to apply different SEO techniques to an ecommerce site than you would to a local business web presence. You have to use different methods for a global player than you do for a local supplier.

So what kind of SEO services do you really need? There are certain business types that are common. I’d like to describe a few of them and to suggest what kind of SEO services they usually need. This way you may get an idea.

local business
A local business is a business with a real street address where people actually go to personally to buy something. A florist is a local business, a Chiropractor, Dentist, CPA, Lawyer. A local business needs LOCAL SEO. What is local SEO? Local SEO can mean a lot of things. It starts with optimisation for a query like Woodland Hills Psychologist, a good listing on Google Local/Maps, yellow pages online and a myriad of other measures we can’t fit in this blog post but you get the idea.

e-commerce site
An e-commerce site is in most cases an online shop in other words, but also a shopping search engine is ecommerce. In case you sell any kind of product via the Internet you probably have an e-commerce site. An e-commerce site needs good old link building to rank in regular search reusults. It also needs its products to get submitted to relevant shopping search engines (unless it’s such an engine itself). Also you need so called conversion rate optimization for e-commerce to make sure the visitors you already get and the additional ones who appear via SEO find what they look for and hit the “buy now” button.

start up
A start up is often a company that has build something new. It may be a software or an online service. The most important web services of today have been start ups in the past. Google, Facebook, Twitter to name just a few. A start up may offer a product or service people don’t even know that it exists. So they can’t possibly search for it, can they? Many will search for it circumscribing the kind of product they seek. Most of the others would probably seek it when they’d knew. So maybe you need something else. Viral marketing for instance, or video SEO for your presentation.

virtual goods
Some businesses sell virtual goods these days. What are virtual goods? Music downloads are completely virtual. Also images are in most cases purely virtual. Software and apps (mobile software). So you already see you might need some visibility in a mass of music search engines. Also image SEO to apear in Google. Mobile SEO is obviously the way to go for apps. Conventional software for computers on the other hand requires some heave link building like in the old days. There’s lots of competition here.

global business
A global player is not necessarily a multinational corporation. In case you ship to the US, Europe and Japan you already a global player. While multingual SEO might be a good choice not everybody can afford to optimize for a 12 of more national markets. Your best bet is more likely language independent content: Images and other media that don’t depend heavily on language.

Of course few businesses match just one of those types. Depending on your own mix you have to adapt. Thus your SEO methodology will vary. Even more confused by now? Overwhelmed by too many buzzwords?

I don’t blame anybody who doesn’t get SEO today.

After all it’s a full time job to understand and master SEO. That’s why we’re here. Otherwise SEO would be dead by now. The industry is still growing rapidly though.

Do you want to know what kind of SEO services you really need? Let us tell you.

Contact us and get a quick assessment for free. We might even tell you that you don’t need SEO services at all. In case you really need SEO services you can get a quote as well.

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